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John Nawrocki, Founder

John Nawrocki founded Invictus Financial Development ("Invictus") in 2016 as an investment operations and finance resourcing alternative for emerging and seasoned investment managers.  John has served as a resource to Invictus clients in designing and building important strategic initiatives.  He led the design and development of the investment arm and investment fund for a multi-lateral lending organization.  John has also quarterbacked the conversion of private funds into registered investment vehicles, led the redesign of global performance measurement systems, and assisted with the launch of multi-asset class investment vehicles for multi-manager investment organizations.  Through Invictus, John also serves as the outsourced COO and CDO for private equity and credit funds.

Prior to founding Invictus, John led the development of two outsourced chief investment officer platforms for two leading institutional investment consulting firms, Rocaton Investment Advisors (now with Goldman Sachs) and Rogerscasey (now with Segal Advisors).  He grew both programs to $10 billion in assets under management and led innovations in outsourced investment solutions for 401(k) plans, corporate pension plans, and foundations.  John’s early career was as a CPA focused on business valuation, litigation support and corporate restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions.  This work was performed at Arthur Andersen and the Transamerica Corporation.

John earned his BS and MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and is a licensed CPA.

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