Why Choose Invictus?

The Perspective of a Gatekeeper

Invictus personnel have several decades of experience servings as a "gatekeeper" with major institutional investment consulting firms in an advisory and OCIO capacity.  This perspective benefits clients in focusing firm, product and fund offerings on elements expected by institutional investors as best in class.

Multiple Disciplines Under One Roof

Invictus is an effective "one stop shop" for operational, product development, technology and investment & operational due diligence expertise.  Our engagements provide a single relationship that can cover multiple disciplines, and be nimble to adapt to project challenges, should they surface.

Global Operational and Product Experience

Invictus personnel have implemented funds or investment products on three continents, and have significant experience in Latin American product formation.  This insight can greatly benefit investment managers planning new product deployments by identifying potential challenges early on that can significantly impact product deployment or timing.

Technology Advantage

Invictus is experienced in deploying the latest technologies in enhancing existing operations as well as enriching client and investor interactions to mitigate turnover.